First things first, there's nothing "dirty" about this article.   It has nothing to do with the body parts of any human or any other animal.  The nuts I'm referring to are the kind that grows on trees.  Specifically, acorns and hickory nuts.

Now that your mind is no longer where it shouldn't be, let's get to the real reason for this article. The Dubuque County Conservation Department encourages you to grab a friend and head outside to collect as many tree nuts as you can! Help the Conservation Department replant and restore the Dubuque County public woodlands by donating acorns and hickory nuts that will be used to reforest conservation areas.

Dubuque County Conservation is accepting acorns from all oaks with the largest preference being given to White Oak, Burr Oak, and Swamp White Oak. Shagbark Hickory nuts are also accepted. Please keep the nuts separate by species. Nuts can be dropped off at the Swiss Valley Park maintenance shop until October 11th . The address is 13069 Swiss Valley Road Peosta Iowa. Signs will lead you to the drop-off location once entering the park.

Without collective action, White Oak trees are anticipated to disappear from our landscape in a generation. This loss will be felt from the impact on wildlife, forest ecosystems, and timber supplies. The decrease in White Oaks is thought to be from the lack of forestry management, invasive species, diseases, climate changes, and habitat fragmentation. Will you collect your acorns and shagbark hickory nuts to help reforest your county parks? Questions? Please feel free to call! 563.556.6745.

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