The Dubuque Fighting Saints continued their heavy away schedule visiting the Madison Capitols on Friday night (9/30). The match itself did not go as planned as a heavy scoring second for Madison, put our Saints down 5-1 by the end of that period. The Saints were able to mount a small come back, outscoring Madison 2-0 in the third, but it wasn't enough, as the game closed out 5-3.

Credit: Dubuque Fighting Saints
Credit: Dubuque Fighting Saints

On the night everything but the scores were fairly evenly matched. The Dubuque Fighting Saints outshot Madison 31 to 29, but finishing better on the evening were the Capitols. The Saints did find success with 3 new goal scorers added to the card for the year. Power plays on the evening were both defended well; Both the Saints and Madison scored on only one of their attempts. Madison going 1 for 5 and the Saints going 1 for 4.

Next Friday the puck drops at 7:05pm as the Saints visit the Chicago Steel in Geneva, Illinois. The Steel currently boast a 3-1-0 record and are on the top of the table; the Saints are currently sitting in 11th place. So far on the year the Steel have already put away 16 goals this year across 4 games. So far the Saints have bagged half that number (8) across 3 games. Blake Theisen starts broadcasting live on Eagle 102.3 at 6:45pm this Friday, October 7th. The Saints home opener is still set for Friday, November 4th at 7:05pm as the Saints look for revenge against Madison.

Credit: Dubuque Fighting Saints Game Schedule

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