What could of been a very tragic situation, turned into a man being hailed as a hero after he found a 5 year old boy outside alone in bitter cold temps.  It happened in West Bend, Wisconsin on Friday February 12th.

David Gehrke, was driving his snow plow around 4am when he noticed something along side the road.  At first he wasn't sure what it was.  It quickly became clear to to Gehrke that it was a small child.  Gehrke turned his plow around and realized the boy was outside alone in sub-zero temperatures and had no coat and no shoes.  He grabbed the boy and quickly put his jacket around him before placing him in his truck.  While the boy warmed up in the truck, Gehrke call police dispatch.

After a short investigation, Police realized the boy had snuck outside while in the care of a babysitter.  The boy is doing fine.  His mother has nothing but praise for the snow plow driver who she is hailing as a hero.

No one is being charged in the incident.  The boy's mother says she has now has an alarm and camera system.

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