It's not exactly like a Shakespeare play, but the question on a lot of people's minds is "to vaccinate or not to vaccinate" against COVID-19, including the new Delta variant.  So I thought it might be time to see how your neighbors feel about getting (or not getting) vaccinated.

According to the Dubuque County Public Health Incident Management Team vaccination rates vary quite a bit throughout the County.   Today they released a list based on a person's zip code.  Today's report shows the 52002 zip code, which includes part of the city of Dubuque and the city of Asbury, has the highest percentage of vaccinations.   The 52079 zip code which includes the city of Zwingle had the lowest.

You can refer to the chart below to see how your individual zip code is doing.  These numbers are as of last Thursday July 8, 2021. Keep in mind that the percentages are based on the number of fully vaccinated compared to the total number of residents in each area, including children younger than 12 for whom vaccines have not been approved yet.

  • 59% -- 52002 (Dubuque/Asbury)
  • 58% -- 52003 (Dubuque)
  • 55% -- 52056 (Luxemburg)
  • 54% -- 52068 (Peosta/Centralia)
  • 51% -- 52039 (Durango/Graf/Rickardsville)
  • 49% -- 52073 (Sherrill/Balltown)
  • 48% -- 52045 (Epworth/Bankston)
  • 46% -- 52001 (Dubuque/Sageville)
  • 45% -- 52046 (Farley)
  • 45% -- 52040 (Dyersville)
  • 43% -- 52053 (Holy Cross)
  • 41% -- 52065 (New Vienna)
  • 38% -- 52033 (Cascade)
  • 31% -- 52078 (Worthington)
  • 28% -- 52032 (Bernard)
  • 17% -- 52079 (Zwingle)

It's safe to say older residents led the way in the number of COVID-19 vaccinations.  The 65 and older group tops on the list with nearly 16,000 persons vaccinated.  That was followed by the 50-64 age group with just over 13,500 vaccinations, the 30-49 age group with just over 12,000, and the 16-29 year old group with just over 7300.  There were also over 1000 children under 16 that have received their COVID-19 vaccination.

As you look at these numbers, keep in mind that the Dubuque County Public Health Incident Management Team did not release any numbers showing to the total number of people in each age group.

If you interested in getting vaccinated you can find a list of Dubuque vaccination sites by clicking HERE

For this weeks update on COVID-19 cases in Dubuque CLICK HERE



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