The Iowa State Fair has been in full swing since Thursday, August 11, and will wind down on Sunday, August 21, with Carrie Underwood on-stage as the headline act.

Getting to the world-famous Iowa State Fair may be challenging if you're living outside the Des Moine Metro area. Therefore, we assigned our top team of social media sleuths to search for Fair highlights to share, letting people live vicariously through those lucky enough to attend the 10-day affair. 

We took a deep dive into TikTok to find fun and exciting videos to showcase everything from food to music to animals. A special shoutout to the TikTok producers who made and shared their great videos. Let's look at the highlights we found about the Iowa State Fair.  

TikToker ellijennings 

This fun video delivers a fantastic overview of the Fair's offerings, from rids and food to a glimpse of the world-famous Butter Cow sculpture!


Let's keep it real, pretty much everyone gets excited for the fair because of all the fantastic and delicious food to be indulged in. ninanaction takes us on a trending tour showing "Everything I Ate at the Iowa State Fair."


Concerts are another prime reason for attending the Iowa State Fair, and Stephanie Beeghley shares part of the Brooks and Dunn concert. 

Nelly entertained the Grandstand on Saturday night, and tmamag4 was on-hand to capture the moment.


ZZTop may be aging rockers, but if we could love them in the 80s, we can certainly appreciate them while they're still able to jam in their 70s. Thanks to combat_skipper for capturing them in concert!



IowaAgRadioNetwork shares this fascinating video of Albert the Super Bull. Wow! Look at the impressive size of this animal!


Held on Wednesday evening before the start of the Fair, it is the largest in Iowa and also serves as the official kick-off to the Fair. Thanks to iowalovers for capturing some of the parade highlights.


There are dozens of fun competitions at the Iowa State Fair ranging from the obscure and wacky to high-brow culture and agriculture.

Congratulations to pcaspers for growing this year's Champion Giant Pumpkin weighing in at 1,281 lbs. Pete & his daughter hauled their winning gourd from Peosta and Dubuque County. See the steps they took to grow their massive and winning entry!


iceman2880 shot this fun video of the State Fair's Giant Slide. What's a trip to the fair without a ride down the legendary slide?


Iowa is the number one pork-producing state in the US, with more than 5,400 pig farms raising nearly 50 million per year. Of course, that means there are far more pigs in Iowa than people, so we'd be remiss if we didn't share at least one cute pig video.

meta_head captured this cute little piggy, but enjoy it because he may soon be headed to the market.

We hope you've enjoyed this virtual visit to the 2022 Iowa State Fair as much as we have. Thanks again to the TikTok video producers for sharing their experiences and perspectives. It's inspired us to plan to be there in person at next year's fair.

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