Gabby Barrett's debut single, "I Hope," became her first No. 1 song in 2020. While she chose to follow it up with "The Good Ones" as a single, her album Goldmine features a different song as the sequel to the story of "I Hope."

It's "Thank God" that Barrett says is the next chapter in the story of the protagonist of "I Hope." Written by Barrett with Nicolle Galyon, Jon Nite and Jimmy Robbins, the latter of whom co-produced the track with Ross Copperman and Zach Kale, "Thank God" expresses gratitude for the path that has led to a good relationship, even if it's littered with "all wrongs and the almosts / And the all-time lows."

Below, Barrett shares the story behind "Thank God" in her own words.

Yeah, it's kinda like that song that comes after the girl that sings "I Hope" -- like, where does she she go after going through this hard relationship and going through these hard situations?

"Thank God" kind of talks about, like, you know, the lyrics are, "Thank God for the hangups, the breakups, the makeup on the pillowcase," that type of thing, so it's saying, like, thank God for all of these heartbreaks because it has led me to the person that I'm with now, which is finding somebody wonderful in my life ... and it's saying: How can I not look at you and thank God and be thankful for these things? Because it led me to you.

Because, you know, everything that happens in somebody's life is meant for good ... so it's kind of like the answer to after "I Hope," everything that's happened. I'm still thankful because I found somebody great.

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