It was officially confirmed this week that all Americans can be vaccinated no later than the end of May (the next 90 days)– President Biden said 300 million people can be vaccinated by that time, which would include those under 18 as over 18 population in the U.S.  is ~210 million and thus those over 18 should be able to receive and be vaccinated by May 1.

Cases have dropped again and daily vaccines are growing materially each day (over 600K more a day this week than last week and soon to be a million more per day and thus ~3 million vaccines per day)

COVID-19 vaccines are here, with even more in production.  Need to know how and where to get your COVID-19 vaccine? Each state has it's only process for distribution of the virus

For the state of IOWA click HERE

For the state of WISCONSIN click HERE

For the state of ILLINOIS click HERE

For all other states click HERE

To see the daily COVID-19 update for the city of Dubuque CLICK HERE

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