A singer song writer named Angela Meyer has written a song to help bring awareness to the Ty Pozzobon Foundation.

I met Angela over the weekend and she told me about the song and the story behind it.  Ty was a PBR bull rider that took his own life earlier this year after a battle with severe depression from multiple concussions suffered during his career.  He accomplished so many amazing things in his 25 short years and if it can happen to him... it can happen to anyone.  His foundation is spreading awareness and helping those who suffer with mental illness and brain injuries within the sport of rodeo.
Dubuque hosts many bull ridings and rodeos during each season which we have enjoyed watching and participating in over the years.  This is an important topic not only for current rodeo athletes, but to people participating in any sport at any age.  That is what inspired Angela to write the song, "Wish it Was You" in memory of Ty Pozzobon.  The song has reached over 7400 views on YouTube and has had so much positive feedback she decided to release it to iTunes as her first single. Angela will donate proceeds (up to $5,000 and 15% of each dollar above that) to the Ty Pozzobon Foundation.
You can check out a sample of the song HERE.
To purchase and download the entire song from iTunes CLICK HERE

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