Test Your Level of "Dubuque-iness" With Our Handy Quiz

It's a unique, quirky, beautiful, weird community we call home.  Whether your family has been here for generations or you're a recent arrival, Dubuque gets in your blood (if you're lucky).  Whether you've lived here for a hundred years-plus, or left town a lifetime ago, if you've ever called The Key City home, there's a measurable amount of Dubuque in you.  Let's see how much!

How Dubuque Are You Quiz

Scroll through our quiz below to get a gauge of just how "Dubuque" you are. You'll need a good way to track your score -- we suggest a pencil & paper -- and the ability to honestly answer some questions. This is NOT a test of your knowledge of the area. This is a carefully crafted quiz designed to accurately appraise your level of "Dubuque-iness." Knowledge of the area is only one component of that. Tally your score at the end of the five sections below and you'll know your "Dubuquation" result. Then share your score and compare with friends.


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