I plan on seeing a lot of different hikes, trails, and outdoor happenings this year. And guess what!? You are all invited to join me on the experiences. This week the family and I put in around 5 miles hiking at Eden Valley Refuge just outside of Baldwin, Iowa.

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The area offers a refreshing and natural experience for visitors. The limestone bluffs and forested hills teem with plant and animal life (pictures of some follow, others were to fast to get, like deer, hawks, and vultures).The trails were easy and inviting, and maps of the area were easy to follow.

attachment-eden valley map

Join me on a stroll through the refuge and maybe you'll want to experience it for  yourself.

Photos: Eden Valley Refuge

A trip through the trails and nature center at Eden Valley Refuge in Baldwin, IA

If you liked Eden Valley make sure to check out Wild Cat Den State Park

Photos: A Trip Through Wild Cat Den State Park

My Families 3.3 Mile Hike Through Wild Cat Den State Park Outside of Muscatine, Iowa.

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