New Low?  "Fire Nagy" Chants from Stands at Son's High School Game

Never known to be shy with an opinion, Chicago Bears fans have been expressing their feelings about coach Matt Nagy chanting "Fire Nagy" at games this season.  The chants haven't been limited to Bear games, they've erupted in the stands at Chicago Bulls games, too.  This, though, is too much.

During a high school game featuring Coach Nagy's son, opposing fans shouted the chant last week.  That's right, adults directed this at a parent while his son played high school football.

Fans have a right to boo, taunt, tease, and otherwise throw shade at coaches -- especially highly paid professional coaches.  Scrutiny comes with the paychecks.  Subjecting a child to this is vile.

The principal of the high school whose supporters were responsible for the chant apologized in a statement.  Let's hope the lesson here is learned, and that in some way, this example of terrible conduct serves to help our discourse and behavior improve.


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