Katy Wethal, the newest member of the Dubuque City Council to represent Ward 4, spoke recently with the Good Morning Rodeo on 103.3 WJOD to discuss her new position. Wethal was sworn in at the beginning of the regular Council meeting Monday.

Wethel was the top vote-getter in a seven-person primary. She then went on to face Carla Anderson in the recent runoff election. Wethel won by a 101 vote margin in a relatively low-turnout special election.


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A mother of three, this is Wethal's first time serving in public office. In addition, she brings several years of experience as a healthcare professional. She is a Nurse Practitioner with Medical Associates in Dubuque. A Sabula, Iowa native, Wethal is a graduate of Clarke University and a longtime Dubuque resident.

"What my Ward needs is what I need to focus on," said Wethal. "Ward 4 is the most diverse economically. So we have a lot of needs in our Ward and a lot of great efforts that we can make in the future to grow,"

Photo / Graphic Credit: City of Dubuque
Photo / Graphic Credit: City of Dubuque

Ward 4 is perhaps Dubuque's most urban and densely populated district. Wethel now represents much of downtown, including parts of Central Avenue, Loras Blvd, Bluff St., Locust St., South Grandview, the City's southernmost area, and much of the riverfront.

"We have so many exciting pieces of Dubuque's history and historical structures, including our beautiful Mississippi right on the edge of Ward 4. I'm so proud to serve such a great neighborhood and great neighbors," said Wethal.

Dubuque's City Council consists of four Ward representatives and two at-large seats. Since January, the seat has been vacant when Ward 4 Council Member Brad Cavanagh was sworn in as mayor. Wethal's term expires on December 31, 2023.

Visit Councilor Wethal's Official City Webpage to learn more.

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