If you loved watching the "Brady Bunch" on television and ever wished that you could just transport into their world, this house may be the closest you get to that. This untouched, vintage 60's home that looks like it's literally right out of the show.

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Take one look at the outside of the home and you can definitely see that it's from another time. But, step inside and it'll be like you just walked through a time machine and landed in the Brady Bunch's living room.

This groovy pad was built in 1967 and is located at 1205 2nd Ave S in Clinton, Iowa. The 4,596 square-foot home has five bedrooms, and four bathrooms. Far out! It didn't take long for someone to appreciate this puppy as it was listed on Zillow by Urban Acres Real Estate in March of 22 for a cool $335,000. It sold shortly after in April for $320,000.

Other fun facts and features about the place are that it sits on a private one-acre wooded lot, and it has "interior & exterior Metamorphic Schist Wisconsin Rock Walls throughout the property," according to the Zillow listing.

Take a trip back in time with a virtual tour of this vintage home...it's a real gas (which means "fun" for those of you who aren't down with the 60s lingo.)

Live Out Your 'Brady Bunch' Dreams in This Untouched Iowa Vintage '60s Home

If you loved watching the "Brady Bunch" on television and ever wished that you could just transport into the show, well this may be the closest thing to getting you there.

Gallery Credit: Danielle

Just looking at those photos made me want to watch old episodes of the show. The Brady Bunch could have totally been filmed in this place. Do you dig it? For nostalgia purposes let's at least watch the intro. Now you'll have this stuck in your head.....you're welcome.

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