Jordan Davis was searching for something the day he wrote "Church in a Chevy," the second track on his new self-titled EP. The day of his co-write with Josh and Matt Jenkins, the singer says, he was that guy in the song.

"I felt like I was forcing it. I felt like I was really trying to get a song that I could kind of hang my hat on, that I didn't have yet for this EP," Davis tells The Boot. His head felt cloudy; "the world felt heavy," as the song opens. When the trio of tunesmiths started working with the title, Davis pictured childhood Sundays, rolling up to church in a truck, but once they flipped the idea, he found that missing inspiration.

"When I'm out in the woods or out by myself fishing on the water is when I have those conversations, and I just loved that idea and loved the heart of the song," Davis reflects. "I just wanted something that I was really, really proud of ... I've written a lot of songs, and I've gotta say, that's probably my favorite one."

Davis released "Church in a Chevy" and the rest of his Jordan Davis EP on Friday (May 22), at a time when mass gatherings -- including, in some areas, religious services -- are temporarily banned to stop the spread of COVID-19. The climate into which Davis dropped his new music adds a unique layer to an already special song.

"That song was getting recorded either way, pandemic or not," Davis says, but adds, "It's such a crazy thing now, that a song about going to church anywhere other than church comes out at a time when we literally cannot go to church."

Davis co-wrote all six tracks on his new self-titled EP, with collaborators including Hillary Lindsey, Josh Kerr, Nicolle Galyon and his brother, Jacob Davis. Now with three big singles from his debut album, 2018's Home State, to his name, Davis finds himself working harder to keep his success going, but with an added bit of confidence in his gut instincts about his career.

Still, he also knows the importance of keeping a smart team around him -- because, every so often, his gut gets it wrong. Case in point: "A Little Lime," written with Kerr and Davis' brother Jacob, was a song Davis wanted to pitch rather than keep for himself. Jacob told him he was making the wrong decision, so Davis put it in his setlists for some recent shows and focused on how fans reacted to the unreleased track.

"I was very wrong" he admits with a chuckle. "I had to send him a text being like, 'You were right, big bro.'"

Jordan Davis, Jordan Davis EP Tracklist:

1. "Almost Maybes" (Jordan Davis, Hillary Lindsey, Jesse Frasure)
2. "Church in a Chevy" (Jordan Davis, Josh Jenkins, Matt Jenkins)
3. "Ruin My Weekend" (Jordan Davis, Matt Jenkins, Josh Jenkins)
4. "A Little Lime" (Jordan Davis, Josh Kerr, Jacob Davis)
5. "Detours" (Jordan Davis, Dave Turnbull, Jacob Davis)
6. "Cool Anymore" (ft. Julia Michaels) (Jordan Davis, Emily Weisband, Nicole Galyon, Ross Copperman, Julia Michaels)

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