Open now, Stage Nine Exhibitions and The National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium are excited to display the traveling exhibit POPnology for all general admission guests. The exhibit, which has toured throughout the United States and Canada, explores how science and technology play a role in our everyday lives. Guests are able to discover, play, and learn through four featured areas: How We Play, How We Connect, How We Move, and How We Live & Work.

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Some of the greatest works of popular culture inspired technology will be showcased, with guests seeing the fusion of science fiction and science fact. From experiencing a virtual world with virtual reality to learning about several amazing innovators and authors, guests will be able to see how imagination and dreams have become reality.

POPnology will feature several special exhibits:

  • A full-scale replica of the Delorean Time Machine
  • Local Motors showcasing the Strati, the world’s first 3D printed car
  • Virtual Reality projection games
  • Jet pack from Disney™'s The Rocketeer
  • Autopia car from Disney™'s Tomorrowland
  • Artistic renderings from visual futurists who created the look of Blade Runner™, Star Wars™, Alien™, and much more.

POPnology is available to all guests with general admission through September 4th of this year. The staff at the National Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium were kind enough to let us experience the fun before hand. Check out my interview with Kurt Strand, President and CEO of the River Museum and Jennifer Drayna Director of Education.

Now that you've heard about the fun check out all the exhibits here and then visit them yourself at the national Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium in the port of Dubuque.

Photos: River Museum's POPnology Exhibit

Photos: River Museum's POPnology Exhibit

Some many things to see and do explore the world and you'll learn some too!

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