It's bad enough for a vehicle to go through a business building once, but THREE times? Wow.

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According to KWQC, one unlucky business has been hit three times by vehicles since opening. Sharon's Styling Studio off of Rockingham Road in Davenport was hit for the third time Sunday night (3/2). The business opened 55 years ago and this situation seems to be old news for owner Sharon Wachal. This time was a little different though and it wasn't just any vehicle that ran into the building. It was a semi.

The Davenport Police Department says that early investigation shows the semi tractor-trailer losing control and hitting a Dodge Ram 1500, and then continuing on to hit a Cadillac XTS, then a Chevrolet Equinox, then Sharon's Styling Studio, and finally came to a halt inside a home close to the studio. KWQC reports that two people inside the home were injured, one of which had serious injuries. Two other people reported injuries including the driver of the semi.

You would think that the business must be located in a risky spot to be hit three times, but the owner says that that's not the case. Wachal told KWQC, "this is the third time. Just freak accidents. I think it’s odd because we are in the middle of the block. If somebody was going to get hit three times I think it would be on a corner."

The salon hopes to reopen as soon as possible, while the remaining structure of the home that was hit was knocked down. No charges have been filed.

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