Trash is everywhere. It is tossed out of car windows and blows out of dumpsters. Ultimately, it finds its way into the environment and eventually into the water system, where it becomes a long-lasting and unsightly pollutant. Dubuque County Conservation is partnering with the Dubuque Metropolitan Solid Waste Agency (DMASWA) for a countywide watershed cleanup and is inviting the citizens of Dubuque County and surrounding areas to join in.


The Dubuque County Watershed Cleanup will take place this Saturday, May 28th starting at 9 AM across Dubuque County. This is part of our ongoing effort to create a healthier and safer Dubuque County Watershed. Dubuque County partners will provide limited supplies of gloves, bags, trash grabbers, and vests when needed.

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The volunteer watershed will focus on clean-up on public land along the branches of Dubuque County Creeks. However, picking up litter anywhere in the county helps keep rivers clean, as the litter in the street can wash into storm drains that dump right into the river. The sites we will be focusing on include:

  • Cascade- Along the Riverfront Trail (North Fork Maquoketa)
  • Dyersville- At Westside Park (North Fork Maquoketa)
  • Dubuque- John Deere Marsh (Catfish Creek)
  • Dubuque- Landfill on Airborne Road (Catfish Creek)
  • Dubuque- Mines of Spain near Calcite Trail (Catfish Creek)
  • Dubuque- Medical Associates West Campus (Catfish Creek)
  • Dubuque- Lower Bee Branch Greenway (16th Street Retention Basin)
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Sign up for a specific section of the Dubuque County Watershed on Eventbrite, on  Facebook, or by calling our office at (563)-556-6745 and they will follow up at a closer date with where to meet and further instructions. The cleanup will be happening from shore but plan to dress for the possibility of getting wet.


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