Finders-givers.  Could you use these?


It's been a somewhat regular occurrence around here, somehow stray trash cans wind up on our studio lawn.  We can't be certain, but we suspect it's related to Asbury's new collection arrangement with Dittmer Recycling which left each household with a brand new 65 gallon container suited for automated pick up.


Right around the time that became the Asbury practice, a number of empty cans started to appear in the station yard.  These mysterious appearances could of course, be the result of wind, or mischievous hooligans.  It could also be that The Receptacle Fairy thinks we've been good boys & girls.  We can't be certain, but we have some spare trash cans around here, and that could mean a windfall for you.


Want 'em?

We grew tired of leaving them in the boss's office, and decided somebody might have an even better use for them.  We kicked it around a bit, and decided we're gonna give these babies away.  That's right.  It's a sentence I never thought I'd utter, but we're giving away used trash cans.  They're in very good condition.


This isn't every can that mysteriously showed up around here, but we're giving away these three; a pair of 50-gallon, Rubbermaid Roughnecks, and one smaller (we think 35-gallon?) can that seems to be a United Solutions brand.  All have lids and wheels, and as you can see, come in a striking matching black.


How to win

Tell us what you want them for.  Make your case as to why you should receive one, two, or all three containers in the Facebook comments (or message us if you want to keep your reasons private) and our panel of esteemed judges (goofballs around here) will decide who gets them.  You may then want to share and encourage your friends to like/comment on your behalf.



Beyond their intended use, what might you like to do with one, two, or three used trash cans?  Halloween costume ideas?  Maybe a parade float?  Perhaps you'd like to create a pet home, a compost bin, or a personal, stand-up hot tub.  State your case and we'll announce our winner/s on October 25th.  Good luck.  You CAN do it.

P.S. They're all empty.  We're not planning to scrub them clean, they come as-is.




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