We may not be Hollywood, but that doesn't mean our good ol' midwestern state isn't worthy of a television show. Some television producers seem to agree, as fancy film crews have swarmed parts of the Hawkeye state.

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According to KROC, these crews have been seen around northern Iowa in Clear Lake and Mason City.

What TV Show is Being Filmed in Iowa?

According to Clear Lake Chamber of Commerce Facebook page, the show will be titled "Strong Tower". It's about a "widow that returns to her hometown with her kids and opens a brewhouse."

How Long Will "Strong Tower" Film in Iowa?

As of right now, it appears that the show will be filmed throughout the next two weeks. KAAL reports that right now they are just filming the pilot episode. So hopefully, it'll get picked up and crews will be here to stay.

Renovo Media Group is the production company behind the show, and even though they are located in Clear Lake, they are flying out the crew and cast from all over the country. Fancy.

If you didn't know, Iowa is kind of a big deal. We've already had a ton of iconic movies filmed here such as Field of Dreams, Twister, and more! It's exciting to add another to the list.

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