Major League Baseball returns this Thursday for a very short season. Aside from the fact it's a 60 game season, here are a few of the other things you can expect.

First of all, the regular season is now scheduled to end on September 27th. Playoffs will start September 29th or 30, so it really is going to blow by quickly.

Most of the teams have been hosting a 2nd 'spring training' in their home ballparks, which is where they will be playing the majority of their games if possible. Fans won't be allowed to attend, which really stinks. On the flip side, this should mean we'll find the majority of the games on television.

Teams will be primarily playing other teams in their division, so travel will be reduced (in the hopes that players will experience less exposure).

For real baseball junkies, there will be a universal designated hitter for both the American and National league. The trade deadline will also be pushed back until August 31st.

MLB is also changing games that progress into extra innings, with a running automatically being placed at 2nd base to speed up the game.

I know a lot of people are upset that they're not going to get a full season. I say some baseball is better than no baseball.

I wish your team the best of luck this (shortened) season.

Go Cubs!


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