As is always the case in early spring, a bit of fishing is starting to sound especially appealing.  Today on The WJOD Good Morning Rodeo, meteorologist Karl Klopotik mentioned the hypnotic appeal of the Wolf River Cameras -- live, underwater cameras which capture activity at several sites along the river in northeast Wisconsin.  A quick visit proved him right.  A look into the underwater world is pretty cool.

A non-profit group called Shadows on the Wolf is responsible for the cameras and streaming video.  Visitor numbers are reported to be on the increase in advance of the annual sturgeon spawn which normally takes place between mid April and early May.

If there aren't already some in place, cameras like these might make a great feature for the National Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium in Dubuque, although I don't know what visibility might be like through the muddy waters of the big river.  Perhaps cameras could be installed at locations corresponding to the various aquariums at the museum.  A monitor of real-world activity placed adjacent to the aquarium would be visually fascinating, and the P.R. and site traffic generated would seem like a nice fit with the museum's goals.  There are a number of above-water webcams along the Mississippi.  See some good ones here:

As it is, a peek under the waters of the Wolf River is mesmerizing, and keeping a computer monitor set to one of the camera's stream makes for a cool, no-maintenance office aquarium.

Visit: and select one of the cameras to view, and experience it for yourself.

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