It's not unusual to hear acquaintances from other parts of the U.S. refer to the "flatness" of Iowa, or call Iowans "flatlanders," but is that reputation earned?  This morning on WJOD's Good Morning Rodeo, listeners were asked to name the flattest of the United States.  Many guessed Nebraska or Kansas before someone accurately gave the answer: Florida.  Yes, Florida is the flattest of all 50 states.  Iowa ranks only 13th flattest, while Wisconsin is 25th.  As anyone who's travelled I-74 or I-80 can attest, Illinois isn't very hilly.  It ranks as the 3rd flattest state.  Nebraska, byt the way, is less flat than Iowa, coming it at 20th.  I usually invite anyone calling Iowa flat to ride RAGBRAI, or at least mow my lawn.