Dubuque residents will see their neighborhood fire hydrants receiving a “check-up” over the next few weeks as a leak detection survey of Dubuque’s water distribution system is conducted.

The City of Dubuque has contracted with Westrum Leak Detection Inc. of Stratford, Iowa, to perform the survey, which is scheduled to begin today, Monday, May 16, and run through Friday, June 3. The work will be conducted during the day and evening hours, including weekends to avoid traffic. The survey will not impact household water usage.

A Westrum Leak Detection employee will visit each of the approximately 2,400 public fire hydrants in Dubuque to “listen” to the hydrant with special equipment.  If any water noise is heard, a follow-up visit to that site (typically in evening hours when water usage is low) will be made to correlate between fire hydrants, or fire hydrants and water valves in the street, to pinpoint any potential leaks in water mains or private water service lines.

The information gathered from the survey will be used to prioritize preventative maintenance and repairs to the water distribution system. For additional information on this project, contact City of Dubuque Water Distribution Supervisor Brant Schueller at 563-589-4303 or bschuell@cityofdubuque.org.


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