I've heard about it for as long as I can remember.  People say that drivers in Dubuque don't use turn signals.  I don't know of any attempt to measure turn signal use, or of any statistics comparing their use in Dubuque to signal use in any other city or town, but when I see someone fail to use one, I wonder is it's really a "Dubuque thing."  If it is, why would that behavior be so prevalent here that we earn a reputation for it.  The video below shows a few recent examples.  We like to make a game of it!

It's not a new thing.  It seems to have started before cars were really a thing.  A few lines from an article in The Dubuque Herald dated May 17, 1877, show a desire for better signalling from streetcar drivers even then. "[W]e respectfully suggest that the drivers be instructed to look up and down the cross streets, elevating their arm as an invitation to passengers to respond who desire to ride...If the drivers (who are indeed efficient and accommodating ) would raise their hands and eyes to people who are approaching Main street on the cross streets, our word for it, the increase of nickles would be the result. This plan is adopted in all other cities."

What do you think?  Is lack of signalling really more noticeable in Dubuque than other places?

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