This is the ultimate beer chaser.

Hacker House, an engineering company based in California, has created a cooler that follows you wherever you go, so you no longer have to deal with the age-old problem of having to get up and walk a few steps to get your ice cold beverage.

The cooler pairs an Android app and Bluetooth technology to tail whoever has the phone, so make sure you don't put yours down (like that would ever happen in 2017). This means you can keep your head buried in your phone while you text and walk down the street and then be rewarded with a much-needed drink without having to worry about where to find one.

The cooler is not expected to go on the market, but Hacker House has done the next best thing: it's posted the instructions, so you can make your own because people who are too lazy to walk over to a cooler are clearly going to be ambitious enough to build this contraption themselves.

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