When you think of a food truck, it's easy for your mind to picture burgers, fries, pizza, and other quintessential fast food eats.

Several years ago, Lucas Miller and his friends decided to take a different direction with their restaurant idea, which then became a food truck. They wanted to serve Asian food; items you can't normally find on the streets of America.

Then came VERSUS, a food truck that serves everything from beef, chicken, pork, and tofu (for vegetarians) to Banh Mi, a Vietnamese sandwich. It's been dazzling the taste-buds of Dubuquers and Tri-Staters since it began.

"I think it went back to the summer of 2013 when my buddy Sam, who was a chef, went to Le Cordon Bleu [....] came up with this crazy idea that we should start an Asian food business because my roommate at the time was Chinese-Vietnamese and they were collabing in the kitchen," Miller said.

Fast-forward almost 10 years later. Miller's friend Sam has unfortunately passed away from cancer. His memory, however, doesn't just live on through the success of VERSUS, it motivates Miller, his wife, and his team.

"We're keeping the legacy of [Sam] alive. He meant so much to so many of us. I just wanted to help keep that vision and idea alive," Miller added.

Why the name "VERSUS?" When Sam initially proposed the name, Miller thought the concept was addressing "Chinese vs. Japanese" food or "Vietnam vs. Thailand" cuisine. When they hammered out the details, one slogan would rise above: "Our food VERSUS your tastebuds," which is emblazoned on the logo and the truck itself.

Miller was kind enough to bring me some delicious egg-rolls, which placed second at Taste of Dubuque in 2019. They didn't last very long after our interview!

You can stay posted on VERSUS' social media to find out more about their food. You can also see where VERSUS is going to be with the "Where's the Food Truck?" app, accessible here and on this website as well!

You can also listen to my interview with Lucas Miller, where he talks about all the food VERSUS offers as well as the deeply personal story behind the food truck.

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