It's time for an #IowaCheck!

At least according to a Relator in Okojobi, IA, whose recent TikTok video has been making the rounds on the popular social media app. The woman is Sophie Hinn, and her most recent video has her spilling a plethora of facts about the state of Iowa in under 60 seconds (53 to be exact)! Many of these are strange, compelling, and strangely compelling!

Photo Credit: Google Maps
Photo Credit: Google Maps

Okojobi is located up near the Minnesota border, near the Iowa Great Lakes region of the state. It's an idyllic little vacation spot, which sort of explains the need for Realtors like Sophie in that nook of Iowa!

Moreover, Sophie spends 53 seconds of her video stating some facts about the Hawkeye State that you may or may not be privy too. Here's the gist of some of them!

The only thing more amusing than Sophie's video are the comments underneath. One man wrote: "I'm moving to Iowa" after watching the video. Other people are shouting out their respective cities. Most people also have kind things to say about the Hawkeye State. Others add that despite being born and raised in the state, they had never heard these facts until Sophie brought them up.

All of her facts are quickly verifiable through reputable sources as well!

The TikTok algorithm continues to impress me. The fact that it can put people in your region/state in front of your eyes via your "For You Page" leads to videos like this gaining local traction. I always keep my eyes peeled for different Iowa TikToks.

See more of Sophie's videos here!

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