Things are just a little chaotic in the Akins household these days. Thomas Rhett and his wife, Lauren Akins, are parents to four girls all under the age of 7, and she recently turned to social media to ask for help after a real "mom life" moment.

Akins posted to Instagram after a fun activity with her daughters went sideways.

"While I was feeding the baby, I was gonna let the older two brush my hair," she shares in a video. "Well, I did let them brush my hair and, um, they attempted to curl it."

Apparently, two of her daughters got a comb stuck in mom's hair — really stuck.

"I didn't realize this is what they were doing and here we are," Akins confesses.

Akins reveals that she was home alone with all four girls at the time she posted the video. She and her husband share Willa Gray, 6, Ada James, 4, Lennon Love, 1, and Lillie Carolina, who was born in November of 2021. Three of the four were sick on the day of the video, so the older two stayed home from school.

In the clip, we catch a glimpse of Willa Gray and hear another child — likely Lennon — say, "all done." There's also the sound of little feet running around the house.

Although absent for the hair debacle, Thomas Rhett commented on the video a few hours later with, "I leave for 2 hours...."

Rhett's fellow country stars and their wives were among those who tried to help Akins out of her plight. Little Big Town's Karen Fairchild chimed in, "What if you cut the teeth out of the comb? Then oil or conditioner?" Russell Dickerson's wife, Kailey, said she would be right over to help her out. Other comments recommended conditioner, oil and even peanut butter to loosen the knot.

As it turned out, Akins didn't have to lose too much hair to fix the problem, but it was far from an easy solution. She subsequently posted a series of videos of several friends and her mother-in-law helping her out with a fix that involved both a boxcutter and a knife uncomfortably close to her head, as well as a lot of patience:

Musically, Thomas Rhett is set to embark on his Bring the Bar to You Tour in 2022. He'll hopscotch across the nation from June 17 through Oct. 15.

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