The Niña and Pinta have made an returned visit to Dubuque area.  The ships arrived Thursday afternoon.  The ships last appearance was in August 2014.  The ships will be at port of Dubuque until Sunday June 26th when they will be heading to Winona, MN.

Tours for the NINA and PINTA as follow:

Hours: 9:00am - 6:00pm

Adults $8
Seniors $7 (60+)
Students $6 (5-16)
4 and under are FREE


The Niña and Pinta were two of the three Spanish ships (Santa Maria'), that Christopher Columbus used for his first voyage to the West Indies in 1492.  Niña was by far Columbus's favorite.


The Niña  (Deck length - 65', Beam - 18', Draft - 7' Tonnage - 75, Sail Area - 1919 sq ft) is a replica of the ship on which Columbus sailed across the Atlantic on his three voyages of discovery to the new world beginning in 1492.  Columbus sailed the tiny ship over 25,000 miles.  That ship was last heard of in 1501.

Photo by Julie B.


Pinta  (Deck length - 85', Beam - 23', Draft - 7.5' Tonnage - 101, Sail Area - 3800 sq ft) was recently built in Brazil to accompany the Nina on all of her travels. She is a larger version of the archetypal caravel and offers larger deck space for walk-aboard tours.

Photo by Julie B.