I’d like to give a major salute to the editorial department at the Telegraph Herald, especially anyone in the news department involved with the outstanding work in the paper’s coverage of the State of Iowa inaccuracies in reporting COVID-19 statistics.  

It’s a blessing to have local journalists keeping watch over state government officials. In this case, reporters shining a light on inaccurate state provided statistics on a life-or-death matter.  Whatever the reasons for the state inaccuracies, the mistakes need to be corrected, and a truthful explanation needs to be issued.  It seems unlikely that statistical miscalculations which always seem to reduce the severity of the viral spread in the state are due simply to error.

Whatever the reason for the faulty numbers, the state needs to get its act together and provide valid statistics to the public.  The citizens deserve truth, and the state’s errors erode credibility in an era where truth itself is under attack.

Kudos to the Telegraph Herald for tenaciously holding state government to account.

More from the Telegraph Herald HERE.

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