Targeted COVID-19 Testing in Dubuque This Week 
The Dubuque County Public Health Incident Management Team, under direction from the Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH), will conduct targeted COVID-19 testing this week for long-term care facilities and individuals identified through contract tracing as having possible exposure to positive COVID-19 patients in Dubuque County.

The targeted testing planned for this week in Dubuque County is NOT open to the public. This is NOT a community testing program nor is it related to the Test Iowa program. 

Local officials have made multiple requests for a Test Iowa site and state strike team testing in Dubuque, but the State of Iowa was unable to grant those requests at this time.  Local officials will continue to work with state officials to pursue community testing for Dubuque County.

Approximately 1,000 Dubuque County residents are expected to be tested through this targeted testing program from Wednesday through Friday this week at several locations. This targeted testing will include staff from long-term care facilities in Dubuque County and Dubuque County residents already identified through contact tracing related to confirmed COVID-19 cases will be contacted by the Dubuque Visiting Nurses Association and appointments will be scheduled for them to be tested.

Test kits will be provided by the IDPH and testing will be conducted by staff from local healthcare providers. There will be no testing cost for residents. Dubuque County will cover the staffing and location costs associated with the testing.

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