Stephanie Rice entered the Knockout Round during Monday's (April 10) episode of The Voice armed with Taylor Swift and the Civil Wars' "Safe and Sound" against Troy Ramey, both of Team Gwen Stefani.

Dressed in a black hat, gold and black jacket, and acoustic guitar to make the ensemble complete, Rice delivered a haunting rendition of the soft ballad. Her honest vocals made for mellow, yet impressive performance that showed off her poignancy as a singer. The song was a perfect choice for both her voice and image as an artist. Ramey also delivered solid performance with his unique rendition of Sia's breakout hit, "Chandelier." Adding an eclectic twist with his raspy vocals, Ramey managed to make the song his own.

Coach Adam Levine called Rice's voice "interesting," while Blake Shelton designated both contestants as "very intense performers," claiming Ramey as his personal choice for the victor of the knockout. Alicia Keys says there's a "real truth" that comes out every time Rice sings, while commending Ramey for adding his own style to "Chandelier."

Stefani admitted that it was "impossible" for her to choose between the two contestants because she relates to both of them in different ways. She praised Rice's ability to "deliver your soul to people" when she performs and commented on Ramey's vocal range and the emotion he puts into a song. As difficult a decision it was to pick a winner, Stefani ultimately chose Ramey as the champion.

Just after Rice said her goodbyes to coach Stefani, Keys swooped in and stole the Americana singer for her team, securing Rice a slot in the live shows.

The Voice airs every Monday and Tuesday night at 8PM ET on NBC.

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