I can't get enough sports talk in general. When it comes to all the talking heads of the world, Dan Patrick is in an elite class all his own. Part of the appeal of his long-running Dan Patrick Show is Patrick and his four co-hosts (known as the "Danettes") have no problem veering off the topic of sports. They touch on movies, music, pop culture, and sometimes casual social debates.

With more news about the upcoming Field of Dreams TV series coming out yesterday, Patrick segued to talking about the beautiful town of Dyersville on his Tuesday program. Every listener and viewer of his radio/TV simulcast in Iowa probably felt their ears perk up when he did.

After briefly going over the main points of the series, which is coming to Peacock in the near-future, Patrick remarked:

Dyersville, Iowa. [I've] Never been there, but when you say "Field of Dreams," I always think of Dyersville, Iowa.

Patrick's point inadvertently ignited conversation amongst the Danettes — known by their nicknames Paulie, Seton, Fritzy, and Marvin, respectively — about famous movie locations they've visited over the years.

Paulie mentioned how the gymnasium from the sports movie classic Hoosiers looks like you've went back in time. The gym is located in Knightsville, IN.

Photo Credit: Mike Coppola, Getty Images
Photo Credit: Mike Coppola, Getty Images

Marvin added that him and his wife were in LA earlier this year and went to the spot where Richard Gere picked up Julia Roberts in the romantic-comedy Pretty Woman. What exactly Marvin was doing at that exact spot is anybody's guess...

Other noteworthy mentions from the Danettes were the Rocky Steps, Carrie Bradshaw's apartment from Sex and the City, and Walter White's home from Breaking Bad. The latter is a privately owned family home, and the owners revealed last year that the sightseers and fans were becoming unbearable.

Back to Dyersville and Field of Dreams. Dan Patrick actually had Kevin Costner as a guest on his program years back. The interview lives on in Dan Patrick Show infamy because Paulie asked an innocent but poorly worded question that had Costner clap-back in a non-radio friendly way (FYI: the video itself censors the expletive).

The clip is entertaining. As is The Dan Patrick Show on a regular basis — maybe more-so when the legend mentions a city on the homefront!

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