Tired of paying through the nose for popcorn, soda and Milk Duds? Here's a possible solution.

Twitter user @Barrington_14 posted a video in which he explains a novel way to sneak food into a movie theater, so you can avoid paying the outrageous prices at the concession stand.

A man and woman fill a car seat with what looks like a shopping cart's worth of snacking glory and then proceed to buy their tickets. The idea is that everyone assumes there's a baby in the seat when, in reality, there's enough food to feed you and everyone in your row. It's a DIY hack that could save you big bucks.

A car seat can run you about a hundred bucks, but it could be money well spent if you want to run this scam. Or, if you're really cheap maybe you ask a friend to borrow one.

A couple of things to remember here: it's probably best not to try this at an R-rated movie. Bringing in a toddler for a Fifty Shades of Grey movie is bound to raise eyebrows. Likewise, don't attempt it during a late night showing. If you're hauling a car seat around for a 10:30 screening, someone is bound to get suspicious.

You may also want to think through what you bring. Don't cook a steak at home or bring in Chinese. The aroma will have you booted from the theater before the previews are done.

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