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At 103, COVID-19 Survivor Celebrates with a Bud Light
103-year-old Jennie Stenja officially beat COVID-19 infection and celebrated with a cold Bud Light. Staff at the nursing home in Massachusetts where Stenja lives gave her a bottle saying the beer was something she really loves but hasn't had in a long time. Cheers!
It’s an Official World Record
This 6-year-old Golden Retriever is official recognized as a Guinness World Record holder. Finley can hold six tennis balls in his mouth, and that's officially the record. The upstate New York dog was recognized as a certified record holder last week.
Memorial Day Turkey River Kayaking
The Turkey River was made for an outstanding outing. Every bend seemed to bring a new surprise. Dramatic bluffs, dense forests, fresh water springs, and wildlife appeared throughout the trip. Here are a few pics.
Salad Bar Becomes Bar Bar
Delivery chain troubles left this grocery store in Missouri with extra salad bar space. The quick-thinking managers there found another product to showcase.

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