Got a great package in the mail today from the 2nd graders at Sageville Elementary School.

First a little background.  A few weeks ago I gave the 2nd grade students from Sageville a tour of the WJOD studios. I showed them how things are run behind the scenes at WJOD.  I even let them record their voices and played it back so they could hear themselves They were extremely well behaved and asked great questions.  Any way, today I received a handwritten "thank you" from each of the students.  Sure they could have just sent a thank you signed "Sageville 2nd Grade Class".  But they took the time and effort to thank me individually.  On a day filled with clouds, rain and a pending snow storm, these youngsters brought a ray of sunshine my way.  And for that I say "thanks" to all of them.  As adults I think we sometime forget how kids look up to us and everything we do.  Thanks for the reminder kids.  And kudos to your teachers for their leadership. If you have a group that would like a tour please contact me at 563-690-2838.


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