Last month, Robert Miller, President of the Dubuque Fighting Saints, dropped by the studio alongside Head Coach Kirk MacDonald to discuss the upcoming season. The Fighting Saints have big expectations for this season, which is merely days away as the team will take on Des Moines in the USHL Fall Classic.

Robert Miller stopped by once again to relay his excitement about the team, as well as the season as a whole. In addition, he wanted to give context to where that energy is coming from. Following a strong preseason showing from the team, the Fighting Saints have also seen a new coaching staff take shape, a roster get solidified, and captains be named.

Photo Credit: Katie Kotz
President Robert Miller in studio. Photo Credit: Katie Kotz

Miller cannot hide his excitement for the season, which is coming up quickly, something he reminded listeners immediately:

We will be playing our first game on Saturday [September 24th] at 11am. We play Sunday [September 25th] as well at 4:30pm. Saturday, we play Des Moines. Sunday, we play Omaha [....] then we hit the road for six games throughout the month of October because of the construction [at the Mystique Ice Center].

The good news is the construction at the Mystique Ice Center will be completed in time for the Fighting Saints' home opener, another thing for which Miller can't hide his excitement:

Several autographed, military-themed Dubuque Fighting Saints jerseys hang in the recreational room as well. Photo Credit: Steve Pulaski
Several autographed, military-themed Dubuque Fighting Saints jerseys hang in the recreational room as well. Photo Credit: Steve Pulaski

November 4th we have our home opener. We actually got very lucky to be able to have a couple extra weeks to sell that game out [....] If you are thinking about ever trying to come out to a Dubuque Fighting Saints game, November 4th is the date you want to come out and see. It's gonna be the reopening of the building [....] Come out, come support the Saints, and I promise you will be entertained.

Over the course of our interview, Miller also touched on how well the team has acclimated to Coach MacDonald's coaching style, which prioritizes toughness on defense and strong-minded, physical hockey. Miller added the intensity and competitive nature of the Saints' practices thus far closely resembles that of an actual game. The Saints will no doubt be ready to fight once the puck drops on the season this coming weekend.

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