While most of us have spent the brunt of our quarantine time binge-watching Netflix or working from home with screaming children constantly in our ears, one family made the best of their time together by recreating a classic cult film from 1985, PeeWee's Big Adventure.

The Wren family created the entire movie, virtually shot for shot. Check out their recreation titled,"Roosevelt's Big Adventure" below.

Compare Roosevelt's Big Adventure, from about the .54 second mark, with the original scene from PeeWee's Big Adventure below. The Wren family did an excellent job of recreating it, especially considering they only used things they already had at their home. According to the video description, as a big time PeeWee fan, this was all young Roosevelt's idea.

The official PeeWee Herman Facebook page and also his blog (titled: My Log), also shared the recreation. If PeeWee himself is impressed, that's a definite win.

The PeeWee Herman character was created and portrayed by comedian, Paul Reubens. This August marks the 35th anniversary of PeeWee's Big Adventure. A tour was planned, but postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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