When I was a kid, I took A LOT of things for granted. That there would always be milk for my cereal, that I would always have clean clothes to wear, or that I would always make it to whatever sporting event I happened to be heading to on any anonymous day of yester-year. Enter every kid’s super-hero parent with the time management skills of the Flash (btw he can mess with time, just saying).

I have now been enlightened to the very thing my parents always went through with me. Who’s taking the kid to practice? Getting them from there? And when do we need to leave for the tournament, game, or scrimmage? Fun stuff right!? I have found it to be, NOT so much fun. That being said watching my kids play and enjoy sports and activities with their friends and teammates has been enjoyable. I have watched my oldest daughter play volleyball for the last few years and have been able to coach and watch all my kids grow in youth soccer. I mean I really have enjoyed it and I consider it a blessing, all things in life considered.

attachment-DSC_0310 (2)
My 2021 team of 1st and 2nd graders! My twins front and center!

That being said myself and the family will be making an hour and fifteen-minute trip towards Vinton this weekend for a Volleyball Game for my 11-year-old. This is the longest of our weekend trips for the year, and is sure to be the most fun car ride ever; considering, we get to drag along two 6-year-olds that would much rather pick their nose, than watch their sister’s volleyball game (or 3 of them). I will say the kids all around have been great. The twins do cheer for their older sister and they are often entertained by the presence of my or my wife’s parents (grandma and grandpa for the win, am I right?)

attachment-IMG_7629 (2)
Great Serve Kid


But those car rides… yikes (insert flying car or teleporter joke here; I mean it is 2022 the Jetsons should have literally happened by now). I feel like I literally need a divider in the vehicle just so I can here my self think. No joke someone please invent this for parents. I’m talking full dividers too! No hitting, kicking, or speaking through. Let’s call them… isolation chambers… What? To dark.

attachment-DSC_0313 (2)
2021 5th and 6th Grade Cascade Youth Soccer Team C

All joking aside, every parent has been there. In fact, I think the kids like the road trips just as much as you and I do. So, I look forward to another awesome weekend with my family… even the super thrilling car ride everyone loves. Hey if all else fails, we’ll just get pizza when it’s done. That can fix any problem the road throws at us.

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