There's nothing like making dad proud.

Boston Bruins rookie Jake DeBrusk scored his first career goal Thursday night in the season opener against the Nashville Predators.

It was a moment that was simply too much for his father, former NHL player Louie DeBrusk, who was on hand to see his son play.

After Jake put one between the pipes, cameras caught the elder DeBrusk wiping away some tears.

Louie told the Boston Herald he actually kept things in check:

Obviously when you’re a father you have a lot of proud moments. But I think this one right, now, is at the top of his list...Yeah, it was really emotional. You know how bad these kids want it. For Jake, I knew how badly he wanted it last year, and he worked really hard in the offseason. If I had let (the emotions) go on, I would have started bawling. I had to really check it, because I was getting emotional."

Jake, meanwhile, says he's going to keep what happened in his back pocket as a way to tease his pop. "I’ll be chirping him about it for a couple of years to come," he said.

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