A bad first date doesn't spell doom for a relationship. Maren Morris and Ryan Hurd know a bad first song can be overcome as well. The "Girl" singer recently opened up about a cringe-worthy song she and her husband wrote, one she promised fans will never hear.

The Taste of Country Nights team begged for its release, but Morris clamped down. "I bet my old publisher has that in their database somewhere, but it will never ever be listened to or see the light of day," she says starting at 5:16 in the video below. She also talks about her recent Playboy spread and writing for her third studio album during a wide-ranging interview at the ToC studio.

"Sometimes even in the moment you know you're writing just absolute crap," she starts to tell a story that finds her and Hurd paired together by their publishers. This was in about 2013, before they knew each other and started dating.

"We wrote a song called "P-A-R-T-Y Not" and it was awful," the 29-year-old Texan says, laughing.

"I don't know why we decided to write together again after that, but luckily we did, because our second write, Tim McGraw recorded it. And we've written 100 songs over the years. It's so funny. We're married now and we've written so many songs that I adore. It all started with 'P-A-R-T-Y Not'"

The song the couple wrote for McGraw is called "Last Turn Home," and it made his Sundown Heaven Town album (2014). Eric Arjes is also listed as a co-writer on the song. It was never released to radio. Morris would release her debut single "My Church" 16 months later. Hurd — a Kalamazoo, Mich., native — has released several songs digitally, but his current single, "To a T," is his radio debut.

Taste of Country Nights is a syndicated night show hosted by Evan Paul and Amber Atnip which airs on nearly 100 radio stations nationwide.

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