Below this post is a gallery of photos from the Sunday boat tour!

Ever since I found myself in Dubuque earlier this year, one of my close friends has been urging me to seek out a way to get on the Mississippi River.

I don't own a boat and, as of yet, haven't met someone who does. I left the onus on my friend to find a way we could get inexpensively set sail, enjoy a few beverages, and maybe learn a little bit of history as well. That led us to Maiden Voyage Tours in the sleepy river-town of Marquette, IA, right next door to the town of McGregor.

For $25/person, you can come aboard a 49-passenger vessel for over 90 minutes of cruising along with a tour. Guided by Captain Robert Vavra, who runs the business alongside his wife, Debra, the tour traverses a slice of the Mississippi River on the Iowa/Wisconsin borderline.

The route from Dubuque to Marquette, IA is unbelievably scenic. Photo Credit: Google Maps
The route from Dubuque to Marquette, IA is unbelievably scenic. Photo Credit: Google Maps

Aboard Captain Robert's ship, you see everything from bald eagles, pelicans, beautiful flowers, and maybe the occasional beaver or frog if you're lucky.

Initially, the sun was shining and the wind was a little brisk. From the moment we set sail, it was clear we were on the water on a great day. After about 30 minutes, the sun disappeared behind the clouds and the wind died a bit, making for a slightly cooler but no less pleasant experience. It certainly beats the alternative of being humid and stifling.

The peacefulness and tranquility of a boat tour can't be overstated. Marquette, as a town, reminded me a lot of Galena: a quaint river-town with a plethora of antiques shops and fun restaurants. It's an area whose personality is largely defined by the historic river next to which it resides. It's worth the drive.

You can book a tour with Maiden Voyage Tours on their website. They're (fittingly) located at 101 Water Street in Marquette, IA, with tours offered Wednesday through Sunday.

Take a look at some photos from the boat tour below!

Maiden Voyage Boat Tour in Marquette, IA

A collection of photos of a scenic boat tour in Marquette, IA

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