Maddie Poppe's debut single, "Going Going Gone," came just mites after she was announced the winner of American Idol's Season 16.

It's a catchy song to jumpstart the 20-year-old Iowa native's career, and the song is already the No. 1 trending video on YouTube and in the Top 5 on iTunes. Written by Julia Michaels, Lindy Robbins, and Mitch Allen, the folk-pop anthem showcases the singer's powerful vocals. Poppe has a distinct waver in her voice, and her confidence is growing, readying her for bigger live audiences.

"Going Going Gone" includes foot-stomping rhythms and a singalong chorus that begs to be belted with the windows down this summer.

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Did You Know? Poppe had been dating fellow American Idol contestant and Top 2 finalist Caleb Lee Hutchinson for the majority of Season 16. In an interview with Yahoo, she admits to keeping their relationship a secret for fear of the producers splitting them up.

Maddie Poppe's "Going Going Gone" Lyrics:

I'm staring at the ceiling / The clock, it won't stop ticking / I feel like I've been sleeping for too long now / It's like my heart stopped beating / And now I'm hardly breathing / And I'm afraid of leaving scared to break down


And what am I waiting for? / Cause I don't wanna wait no more / And I'm the only soldier in this lonely world / And I don't wanna fight myself no more


Maybe I was meant to run / Maybe I was born to bleed / I don't know who I'll become / But I'll be going going gone / And even if it starts to hurt / I wanna feel it 'til my whole heart burns /

Cause I will be forever young / So I'll be going going going going going gone / Gone / Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh

Take me like I've been starving / Kiss me without a warning / I don't care where I'm going / Throw a dart at the map / Cause I'm ready to be reckless / Care more so I can care less / Got money in my mattress / It's a start, yeah



I'm staring at the ceiling / The clock, it won't stop ticking / I feel like I've been sleeping for too long now


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