The title track of Maddie & Tae's forthcoming new EP, Everywhere I'm Goin', is a song for the men who love them. Maddie Marlow and Tae Dye's lyrics reflect how their fiances, Jonah Font and Josh Kerr, are their whole world: everywhere they've been, and everywhere they're going.

Written by Marlow and Dye with Josh Thompson and Jimmy Robbins, "Everywhere I'm Goin'" compares love to some of the world's finest sights. "Ooooh, hot like the Phoenix sun, y'all / Ooooh, I'm fallin' like a Denver snowfall," they sing.

"Whole world in my living room / It's all you, babe / If I could paint paradise, it'd be you / It's all you, babe," Marlow and Dye harmonize in the song's chorus. "Every red pin on the map I'm holdin' / Everywhere I've been and everywhere I'm goin' / From backwoods to the neon glowin' / You're everywhere I've been and everywhere I'm goin'."

Marlow and Dye are both celebrating major relationship milestones in 2019: Marlow and Font are due to get married soon, while Dye and Kerr got engaged in early September.

Maddie & Tae's Everywhere I'm Goin' EP is due out on Oct. 18. Its five tracks were co-written by the duo, and one song, "Lay Here With Me," features Dierks Bentley. The project follows Maddie & Tae's One Heart to Another EP, released in April. Together, the projects are portions of a forthcoming album.

“We are so excited to keep telling our story through this next collection of songs ... This project as a whole is super personal, but these five songs in particular take you on an even deeper dive into our lives," Marlow says.

Adds Dye, “We were absolutely blown away by the reaction to the first part of the album. Hearing our fans relate to our stories is something that will never get old."

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