Luke Bryan offered up a shot of true vulnerability Sunday night (March 3) as he directly related to an American Idol contestant's pain.

When Nick Townsend appeared before the judging panel and explained his reason for auditioning—heartbreakingly, in memory of his two brothers who both took their own lives—Bryan was visibly moved and immediately said "Oh bud," while shaking his head.

During Townsend's performance of James Bay's "Let It Be," Bryan was noticeably tearing up at the rendition of the song. And with good reason: Fans will know well that Bryan himself has lost a brother and a sister.

"I haven't brought this up on this show because I haven't had to," Bryan said to the young contestant. "I lost both of my siblings, and you know, man ,I just applaud you for keeping a positive attitude and continuing to be a light."

"I had actually planned to move to Nashville in '96," Bryan further explained to Townsend, who had left home when his older brother died in an attempt to escape the pain, only to regret later that he hadn't been there for his younger brother, who committed suicide soon after.

"My brother passed away in a car accident. That shut the dream of Nashville down right then at that moment in my life. But I was all the while writing, and still played in bars, then I said it was time to move to Nashville. You realize you better go chase your dreams right now before time passes you up," Bryan said.

During the show, Bryan told the judges that he was flattered when they sought his opinion on contestants, particularly country artists.

Keep checking in weekly, as we'll be chronicling these hopefuls' journeys to the top, with a focus on country music offerings!

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