They always say when you visit Nashville, Tennessee, you never know who you might meet either on the street or in a bar.  That was indeed the case for Terri from LaMotte, Iowa.

I guess I should back up a little first.  A couple of weeks ago,  we shared a story with you about a security guard who was videotaped singing at Blake Shelton's "Ole Red" in Nashville.  The guy was so good people started to record his performance.  You can see the original story and that performance video HERE.

Now let's fast forward to last week when Lamotte, Iowa resident Terri was visiting Ole Red in Nashville, and you'll never guess who she ran into.  Yep, the very same security guard.  Terry was kind enough to share her story with WJOD.  Here's what she sent us including her selfie with "Kevin" the security guard.

Hello Ken, Just had to let the station know of something fun. I was in Nashville this last weekend for our son's wedding. We went to downtown Nashville to Ole Red bar and grill. I walked in and there I see the security guard singing on stage.


WJOD had just posted a video of The Security Guard singing a couple of weeks ago. As soon as I recognized him I told our group of the video I had seen on WJOD. I took this selfie with him and let him know his video made it all the way to Dubuque, IA! I had shown him the video on your website. He was so grateful and so amazed by this!! Thanks for making his day! Terri Ehlinger

Thanks again to Terri for sharing her story.  I guess it's true...when you visit Nashville, you just never know who you'll see, including a singing security guard.

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