Love in the fast lane: Kurt Russell revealed that he and Goldie Hawn, who first met while filming a movie together in 1983, didn't wait long to get intimate after initially hitting it off—they had sex on the first date!

Appearing on Harry on Friday, April 21, the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 star lovingly and hilariously recalled his and the actress's action-packed first date, where they, after failed plans to go out dancing, found themselves getting down to business in a house Hawn had been renovating... after they were forced to break into it, of course.

"There was no place to dance," Russell explained of the couple's jaunt to the Playboy Club, where they had stopped by to go dancing. "We never got around to that... Next thing we knew, she was renovating this house, that Kate [Hudson] now owns. We eventually found our way upstairs..."

The actor revealed that while he and Hawn were, uh, getting busy, the police stopped by to investigate the break-in. Busted!

"We're...having sex, when the police walk in, because we had to break into the place to get in," he continued. "Next thing I know there's a flashlight, and Goldie and I are like, 'What?'"

"We were being told, I guess, to go get a hotel room, which we did," Russell added, laughing​.​ "That was our first date!"

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