Key West Fire/EMS Department Fun Day

The annual Key West Fire/EMS Department Fun Day will be held on Sunday, August 8th from noon until 6:00 PM to support local community organizations!
Fun Day begins with a parade at noon! (Parade lineup: Begins at 11 at the Truck Country Parking Lot.) Parade route map available at
Activities and Concessions at the Key West Fire Station following parade:
  • FREE Inflatables from 1-4pm sponsored by Happy's Place, Jim Small Mac Tools, & Link Hydraulic
  • Face Painting
    Petting Zoo
  • Music
  • Helicopter
  • Concessions provided by local non-profit groups.
 Up to date details are available on Facebook:

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The author, Tim Koehler, is a native to the Dubuque area, long-time radio host, dork, father, teller of stories, and bad dad jokes.

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