Keith Urban has a name for how he likes to share new music with his fans in 2019 and beyond. It's a phrase that Blake Shelton would appreciate, in more ways than one.

“I call it sport recording: catch and release,” Urban says, smiling.

Always at the frontend of a trend, Urban embraces how digital media platforms have revolutionized the music industry, especially when it comes to sharing new songs. For several years he's released one or two or even three singles prior to dropping an album, often not knowing when the album will come when he announces a new single. Many artists play coy about when their next album will drop — Urban genuinely didn't know when he was pressed on the topic prior to his No. 1 party for "Coming Home" in Nashville on Wednesday (Oct. 23).

Maybe we're being presumptive?

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“For me, I love the idea of an EP where you can savor the songs and not just throw 18 songs at someone,” Urban shared, sitting next to Julia Michaels, his collaborative partner on "Coming Home." “Because too many songs get missed.”

The conversation about the future of albums in country music started when Shelton said he'd prefer not to release a full album, choosing instead to drop new songs as he cuts them, or as he "caught" them, in Keith Urban parlance. A few other artists have weighed in on the topic. Tim McGraw understands where Shelton is coming from, but says he'll always be an album guy. Luke Bryan split the difference, indicating it might be time for him to start releasing shorter albums.

Urban and Michaels seem to enjoy the chaos.

“At the same time, I love people having a lot of music to be able to enjoy, as well," he says, with Michaels nodding in agreement. "There’s not one size fits all, that’s for sure. And I think it’s in this beautiful freefall.”

This didn't stop people from pressing for details about whatever Urban wants to call the larger project he's working on. Officially, it's too soon to say anything. Unofficially, there are a couple collaborations he's finished that may or may not make an album. One could be "We Were," a song he recently re-cut with Eric Church and a song he plans to play at the 2019 CMA Awards.

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