I've been lucky enough to meet Joe Diffie several times over the past 30 years. Each and every time, Joe was friendly, soft spoken, and one of the nicest artists I've ever met.

Joe Diffie released his debut song "Home" in 1990.  The first time I heard "Home" I knew Joe had one of those voices that was perfect for country music.  Whether Joe was telling a story with soulful ballads like "Home", "So Help Me Girl", "Is It Cold In Here", and "So Help Me Girl" or those down right fun songs like "John Deere Green", "Third Rock From the Sun", or "If the Devil Danced in Empty Pockets", Joe had a way of telling a story.  Even his Christmas hit "Leroy the Red-Necked Reindeer" was a good sing-along.  The last time I met Joe was just 5 weeks ago on February 20th when he shared the stage with David Lee Murphy and Mark Chesnutt at Five Flags.  Who could of known then, that would be one of Joe's last performances.  Joe passed away over the weekend due to the COVID-19 virus. My thoughts and prayers are with Joe's wife and kids at this difficult time. RIP Joe.


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